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What storage shelves are used for the storage of home textile products
Date: 2018-09-29 20:48:34Pageviews: 819


Home textile products can be said that you and I contact more one of the products. And in our country, home textile enterprises are numerous, some areas have formed their own home textile production output base. The storage shelves are one of the important storage equipment used in the warehouse room. Different scales, different products and different storage environments require different types of shelves to store and transfer products in batches. What kind of three-dimensional shelves are used in the warehouse of home textile products?


In fact, generally speaking, home textile products can be divided into fabric products, semi-finished products, and home textile products. Although there are many types of three-dimensional storage shelves, for home textile and similar products, the use of more crossbar shelves, attic shelves and so on。

Crossbar shelves are pallet shelves, which is one of the most widely used types. With the pallet as the auxiliary storage medium, the crossbar shelves put the home textile products on the pallet, and then use the forklift truck to enter the shelf space. Home textile products are usually packed in paper boxes or cardboard boxes, which can be directly stored on the beam shelf. The quality of bulk home textile products is relatively high and heavy beam type shelves should be selected according to the actual load bearing design. For a small amount of home textile products storage, can choose laminate shelves.


The attic type shelf is a kind of joker shelf type, they combine the respective advantage of platform and shelf, let the diversity storage mode become possible. In home textile production enterprises, product lines may be numerous, in order to meet such storage needs, we can design, manufacture and install such attic type shelf platform. If the fabric and finished products are placed separately, the platform tray can be laid flat and the finished products can be put on the shelf for three-dimensional storage. Of course, the storage quantity is different, the shelf carrying capacity requirements are different, should be designed according to the need to choose the heavy attic shelf or the medium attic type platform shelf.

For the very strong home textile enterprises, high-rise three-dimensional shelf, even intelligent, automated three-dimensional warehouse is an inevitable trend. Such high-end shelves combine the advantages of storage turnover efficiency and accuracy, so as to maximize the effect of warehousing and provide better energy for enterprises.