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Key points of shelf display
Date: 2018-09-29 20:49:08Pageviews: 841


Shelf display is the most popular way of displaying goods. To achieve good display effect, different goods can be displayed in different places.


1. On the section. At the top of the shelf, in general, some of the recommended items and some of the already well-known items can be displayed.

2. The golden section. It's the second shelf. Since this section is in the best position for customer vision, this section is the one that attracts customer attention most. Therefore, the goods on display in this section should be the high-profit goods or the key products for sale.

3. In the middle. It's the third floor of the shelf. This section can act as an attraction to customers, allowing them to buy the gold section "from one side to the other".

4. The next paragraph. This section is usually the lowest shelf. Generally, this position can be used to display goods with large volume, heavy weight, fragile and low profit.

For example, clothing products can be placed according to the size of clothing, that is, large clothing is placed on the top, medium clothing on the second floor, small clothing on the bottom. Or you could put a trumpet on top of it and so on